Elegant Age Verification Responsive age-gate plugin for WordPress

Add a responsive age verification pop-up to your WordPress website

Elegant Age Verification is a mobile-friendly WordPress plugin that allows the visitors to access your website by their age group. If you don’t want to ask the age of the user, it’s enough to use a simple Enter button with some description. The plugin is flexible and you can customize it according to your requirements.

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Why do you need this?

Some types of websites require age verification by law. The Elegant Age Verification WordPress plugin allows you to restrict the visitor’s access to the content. Besides, you can enrich your website with a well-designed user interface.

Content types

You can use it for the following type of contents:

  • adult content
  • alcohol
  • gaming
  • gambling
  • medicines
  • sports betting
  • e-cigarettes
  • cannabis
  • tobacco
  • vaping
  • etc.

Get Elegant Age Verification

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Plugin features

  • Accessibility
  • Easy integration
  • Plugin customization
  • Display mode (Global, Shortcode)
  • Test mode
  • Keep settings after uninstall
  • Predefined themes
  • Localization
  • Custom cookie expire
  • Custom logo
  • Custom background image
  • Custom CSS
  • Google Fonts integration
  • Required age icon
  • Title and description
  • Verification methods (Date of birth, Confirmation, Enter button)
  • Age verification by input fields
  • Confirmation by a toggle switch
  • Exit types (Back, Redirect, Description)
  • Response messages
  • Responsive & mobile-friendly
  • Cross-browser support
  • Clean code
  • Fast and Lightweight
  • Detailed documentation
  • SEO friendly
  • Free updates

Accessibility Age Verification for everyone

For people with disabilities, this age-gate plugin works well with just the keyboard, so it offers full functionality without a mouse.

Display Modes Choose between Global Mode and Shortcode Mode

If you want to apply the plugin to the entire website, you can do so by default in Global mode. If you would like to enable the age verification pop-up only specific pages, or posts, you can achieve so by using the plugin in Shortcode mode.

Styles & Themes

The predefined color themes allow you to choose the one that fits your web design the most. Also, you can embed any Google Font, and you have the option to add your CSS for customizing.

For the Elegant Age Verification WordPress plugin, you are able to add a custom background image or custom logo as well as you can display the required age for the entry to the website.

The plugin allows you to add title and description to the age verification pop-up, where you can point out potential dangers, which may be the result of pageviews by unauthorized persons.
Every text is entirely customizable.

Plugin Examples

You can try out the examples by pressing one of the following buttons:

  • Example with Custom Background Image and Custom Logo
  • Basic example
  • Basic example with Exit button (Redirect)
  • Basic example with Exit button (Back)
  • Basic example with Exit button (Description)
  • Example with Age Verification
  • Example with Confirmation toggle switch
  • Example with Age Verification and Confirmation toggle switch
  • Example with Age Verification without Title and Description
  • Example with Custom Age
  • Example with Solid Color Theme
  • Example with Gradient Color Theme

Verification methods Elegant Age Verification provides three verification methods

You can add a form to the age verification pop-up that asks for the date of birth. After the user fills the form fields, the plugin calculates the age of the visitor. If age is not less than the specified value on the administration interface, the user can enter the website.

You can also add a confirmation toggle switch to the form. It will allow the user to enter the page only after the confirmation.

Both the date of birth form fields and the confirmation toggle switch are entirely optional. You are able to even apply them together.

Exit Types

Adding the Exit button to the form is optional. It allows the user to deny access by pressing on it.
Three exit types available in this age-gate plugin:

  1. Redirect: The browser loads a specified URL.
  2. Back: The browser loads the previous URL from the history list.
  3. Description: The pop-up displays a message to the user that why they are not allowed to enter the website.

Localization & multi-language

You can display the plugin texts in multiple languages. It helps you to get more people to access your site’s content.

Client reviews

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    Fast and reliable customer support, our issues were solved within less than 24 hrs from reporting.

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    Jablonczay’s support for this plugin was blazing fast, pleasant, and very efficient. Cheers to great customer care and support!

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Browser Compatibility

The Elegant Age Verification WordPress plugin is compatible with all major browsers.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Edge
  • IE 11
  • Vivaldi
  • Brave